MAEKO is committed towards helping the globe achieve zero food waste by providing composting solutions for all kinds of businesses and homes. Our goal is to help 'close the loop' of sustainability, allowing the food waste that comes from the farms to go back to the farms as fertiliser for future food. Our Sahabat MAEKO initiative also offers a range of complementary services that will further help your business achieve its sustainability goals.


MAEKO has converted

of food waste to usable compost

Live data of MAEKO's Partners food waste from 2015

fishboneDid you know Malaysians waste 15,000 tonnes of food waste each day?

That’s enough food to feed 
2.2 million people!


Don't just throw food waste into the rubbish bin - it can still be useful. Utilising MAEKO technology, almost all organic waste can be recycled into something valuable - compost.

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Don't just throw food waste into the rubbish bin - it can still be useful. Utilising MAEKO technology, almost all organic waste can be recycled into something valuable - compost.

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Our easy to use composters are suitable for all kinds of businesses or homes and can compost any and all kinds of organic food waste - including animal bones.

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The soil enhancer or other by-products created by MAEKO composters can be used to fertilise your home garden or can be donated to nearby farms.

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Our Sahabat MAEKO initiative helps close the loop of sustainability by providing data and support that allows you to fully utilize the compost created and achieve your Green KPIs.

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Less Garbage

Food waste represents over one-third of all materials being sent to landfills, and over 50% of all waste.

Reduce Gases

Landfills emit large amounts of methane, which is 23 times more potent that Carbon Dioxide.

Recover valuable materials

Compost is the single most important ingredient for healthy and fertile soil.

Decrease erosion

Compost helps enhance soil structure and keeps the earth solid and compact.

Reduce the need to water

By improving soil structure, water is retained and more available for plants.

Reduce pests

Food waste in garbage bins is more likely to attract pests compared to putting food waste in composters.

Reduce Pesticides

Compost naturally suppresses plant diseases, reducing the need to use pesticides on plants.

Save Money

You can turn organic waste into valuable soil enhancer.

Healthy Garden

Compost provides essential nutrients back to the earth to nourish seeds and plants.

Eliminate Smell

Reduce the unwanted smells caused by food waste in rubbish bins.

Environmentally Responsible

Composting is the most responsible form of Food Waste Management.


Become and eco-pioneer and help save our planet.


How much waste do Malaysians produce each day?

In Malaysia alone, we create a staggering 15,000 tonnes of food waste daily - which is filling up our landfills!

How many people can we feed with the food waste we produce?

The food that is wasted daily in Malaysia is enough to feed almost 2.2 million people
Statistics taken from the Ministry of Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government

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